About Us

Hosequip Established in 1965

  • Hygienic

We stock a large range of hygienic fittings and seals.Also our fabrication shop can create various adaptors for different applications where they are non-standard

  • Hydraulic
Using our many years of experience, we offer a complete service from simple hoses and adaptors to ram repairs and power steering pipes. With access to all major hydraulic equipment suppliers, we are able to offer component selection advice. If specific parts are not generally available, we have the manufacturing capabilities to produce the part you need to your exact specifications.
  • Automotive
We have found in the last few years that modifying hoses like power steering pipes, oil coolers and fuel lines have become more popular.Our vast stock of Brake fittings enables us to make most hoses suited to your needs.
  • Rubber Edging Trim 
Our large stock of rubber edging trim also makes us a one stop shop.

Tell: 01206 231103 or email sales@hosequip.co.uk